Namaste Calming Gift Set

Namaste Calming Gift Set

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This R&R relaxation mug set is ready to go for those who enjoy drinking tea, coffee or simply enjoy large mugs for other liquids. Bonus: for those of you having a hard time remembering to drink your fluids, simply measure and refill as needed to meet your intake needs. There's only a few left. 

Treat yourself or someone you know to a great self care gift today!

It's an all inclusive set that you don't have to shop around to look with the following:

-Therapeutic Eye Pillow can be placed over the eyes to rest and restore from the days challenges. Caution: For skin safety and integrity, if changing the temperature wrap the eye pillow with a cloth prior to application onto your body, especially around the thin skin and bony areas such as head and neck. 

Bonus: When used as a cool temp, it calms the skin around the eyes to reduce redness, bags underneath the eyes and brightens your look. OR, try them as a gentle warm compress in other areas of the body to reduce pain, discomfort. Bonus: add an aroma blend to heighten healing opportunities. 

-Namaste Den blend essential oil rollerball bottle: filled with a light, gentle special 'zen den blend', carry this with you during the day, even on your key chain, to refresh yourself and relax.

-Namaste Bath Bomb: Use in a foot bath or entire boy bath for a spa experience. 

-Namaste mug: These are large, unique and are an extra bonus to enjoy teas, coffees or anything else you like to drink.