Meet Christine

Welcome to Therapeutic Supportive Healing, LLC. (TSH)!


Christine aka "Coach Chris" or "CC" has a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology while receiving an athletic scholarship.  She also holds a Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy (OT) and has been practicing therapy for three decades. 

She understands how limiting physical and cognitive diagnoses can be but also how to have a successfully navigate through them to live the best life possible as autoimmune diagnoses have been part of her life personally as well.

Here are just a few things Christine specializes in:

  1. Effective communication with clients & their caregivers specific to memory difficulties such as dementia.
  2. Establishing plans of care specific to goal setting and strategies to work together to attain functional independence.
  3. Life-skills & coping strategies to manage anxiety, depression, PTSD and more.
  4. Alternative pain management physically and emotionally.

Due to her personal experience with trauma and abusive relationships and going from 'survival mode' to THRIVING she knows how to successfully navigate through that and provides personalized solutions as you move through your own experience.  It's up to you to do the work to get results.