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I have worked with Christine for almost 5 years. In that time I have found Christine to be dedicated, very knowledgeable, and skilled at all Occupational Therapy based domain. From massage, shoulder and hand therapy, balance, to cognition, she demonstrates the highest proficiency and integrity.

Sunshine Adams, COTA

Christine is a gifted professional with a wealth of knowledge and expertise. She is genuine, caring, compassionate, brilliant and insightful. What makes her so effective is her unique ability to get right to the heart of the matter by listening and going the extra mile to understand others. She has a warm, calming spirit and I think anyone would be hard pressed to find a more delightful person to work and share their journey with.

Cindy Powell, MPT, ATC, STS, CEAS III, AOEAS, Strength Training Specialist, Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialist Level 3

I've always been suspect of anyone offering advice for something when they have not been in my shoes. I've known Christine for many years and can attest to he fact that she has not only been through many of life's trauma events, but has found ways to heal and thrive despite those setbacks. She can empathize with the downtrodden for she was once the victim. There are many life skills for overcoming which she can come alongside and show you. Her caring, genuine attitude is always at the forefront of what she is about.

Reenie, L.P.N.

I loved the personal attention and felt cared about. You gave great reminders to us to care for taught me to truly focus on myself. I feel like we were long lost friends just exercising, chatting and bringing each other up. You truly care about people...and I feel loved.

Christina DesCamps

Therapeutic Supportive Healing, LLC offers:

1. Do it yourself mini courses for purchase for Grief, Anxiety & Reclaiming yourself after stressful episodes. 2. Group support specific to Anxiety &/or Caregiving. 3. Life therapy/coaching for those motivated to take action holistically needing guidance through the healing process. 4. Energy healing items for purchase.